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Health Informatics Blog - Vinegar Helps Losing Weight - Vinegar Weight Loss

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Vinegar Helps Losing Weight - Vinegar Weight Loss

Good news Vinegar helps you losing weight but is it safe to take vinegar in your daily diet ?

Lets find out

Central Research Institute, Japan Scientists, suggest that people lose weight with vinegar.

Scientists tested the effect of vinegar on laboratory mice by adding 0.3% or 1.5% vinegar solution to their daily meals. For six weeks the mice were receiving vinegar solution with calorie-rich meals and kept under observation;. The results after six-week experiment were amazing “vinegar” group weighted 10% less than the control group of mice.

The reason why vinegar helps in losing weight is its chemical properties which activates genes present in body of mice which in turn produces enzymes for fatty acid oxidation.
According to research vinegar is safe to use in daily diet but in appropriate proportion only. World Health Informatics Blog
Here is a Vinegar Dressing Salad for weight loss

Add equal parts of red wine vinegar and olive oil with a dash of pepper. Use this dressing on your salad, to make a super meal- high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Add some protein with lean meat to make it complete. Olive oil contains healthy fats that benefit your heart and keep it healthy.

So that’s all about a vinegar weight loss diet, But there is a more efficient weight loss diet I ever came a cross and most amazing thing is I used it to drop my 23 lbs in just 2 weeks.

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Vinegar Helps Losing Weight
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  1. the best thing you can do is do have a regular workout. and don't just do some till you start feeling it a little. if it hurts that's just weakness (weight/ fat) leaving the body. also. egg whites have 0 calories 0 crabs and 0 everything that has to do with gaining weight but it will give you nutrition. which is both healthy and will help you lose weight IF you do a workout regularly.
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  2. Vinegar can help us lose weight? Hmmm...That's great! I should also use it in my daily diet. Maybe, it will have exceptional results, who knows?:) A more efficient weight loss diet? I can't wait to tell us more!!! Anyway, very good post about vinegar, Mark! Keep up the great work!