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How Easily You Can Lose Weight

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How Easily You Can Lose Weight

How Do you know you are overweight that is a first question?

Here is a quick and excellent way to tell: a Body Mass Index calculator. If you have a Body Mass Index of 25 or above, then you’re overweight. If it’s less than that, you’re normal – you don’t need to lose weight.

Find out why the hell you are overweight?

By addressing the above question what I mean is food that you eat daily and your habits which may be the main cause of overweight problem.

First solution to lose weight World Health Informatics Blog

Change the way you eat food and Instead of eating the French fries, Pizza, burger and junk food all the time, eat a large salad with no salad dressing. After that if you are still feeling Hungary go for a bit of the burger and fries, the reason behind eating less quantity of burger and fries is we should never eliminate fat totally from our diet as it is necessary for our body cell, tissues, brain and skin.

Please Do not use any kind of weight loss diet pills or supplement to lose weight
There are many type of diet pills and weight loss supplement out there , you name it and you will get it online. One of the famous product is hoodia which is hot seller in weight loss industry but does this product work ? may be. Actually hoodia is a flowering plant which is natural product, but again I want emphasize is that not all natural products are safe. 

So please before taking or continuing any type of diet pills or supplement please consult your physician first and take the advice. If you will not do this then you may suffer with skin rashes, allergies, lose motions and even kidney failure may occur due to increase level of chemical substance called creatinine.
Second solution to lose weight

Exercise is the second aspect of fat loss and is very essential to keep your body slim and trim. So focus on exercise and leave those road block excuses which comes under way to good health and body.
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You should exercise at least three days a week for minimum one hour to lose weight naturally. 

Remember not to over strain your body doing exercise daily for longer time this is very dangerous for your body muscles and bones. the basic funda is to do exercise alternate days so that your body muscles get rest next day and they get regenerated and more powerful than before.

 I personally used to be a overweight person and the knowledge I have written in this blog is through my experience and a excellent weight loss program known as Strip That Fat which worked for me and helped me to lose weight permanently. 
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May god bless you all.

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